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Dec 05

How to Fix “NTLDR is Missing” Error on Windows XP

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Here is my quick tip to fix “NTLDR is Missing” error on Windows XP:

  1. Boot the computer with a bootable CD or floppy that can read and write the C:\ drive. I recommend you to use BartPE as it’s a very easy and usefull tool to fix windows offline.
  2. Download NTLDR is, extract and save the 3 files into your C:\ drive.
  3. You may need to modify the boot.ini file to fit your need. 99% chance you won’t need to change it ;)
  4. Restart your computer … and Done

You can also use Windows XP bootable CD and then select Repair and use the Recovery Console to copy the 3 files (ntldr, and boot.ini) back to your C:\

However, Recovery Console will ask you the Administrator’s password before you can get inside it. Don’t worry :) in case you need help with the password, you can read How to Reset Windows XP Administrator Password for help ;)

Hope you’ll find this tip usefull :)

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Comment by Bryan
2007-04-12 06:45:32

Thanks dude, I couldn’t find these files for download ANYWHERE. You’re my hero :x

Comment by Ismu Surizan
2007-04-12 08:21:32

You’re welcome my friend :)

Comment by ankush
2010-04-01 22:08:23

i have NTDLR missing problem.

what will i do

Comment by amin
2007-08-19 01:01:15

thanks man your the best!!!!!!
thanks thanks thanks !!!

Comment by Ismu Surizan
2007-08-19 09:09:46

glad I can help ;)

Comment by fedra
2008-01-17 12:41:33

how to copy NTLDR is into drive c??
thanks before

Comment by Ismu Surizan
2008-01-17 13:02:23

use BartPE & extract the zip file to your C drive.

Comment by Brandon
2008-03-20 03:35:57

If the ntldr is missing, and u try to fix it with.
-Acer Recovery
-Windows Xp
-Windows Repair system
and that doesnt work,& that all the drives are missing.
Will this help the other problems, or will it just help the one problem, or possibly fix them all?

Comment by Ismu Surizan
2008-03-20 07:34:40

all the drives are missing? i think, you may need to check your HDD for any hardware related problem.

Comment by bobby
2008-05-29 08:47:50

i get ntldr missing it says hit ctrl alt del to reastart evey time i do thats as far as i get hope u can help

Comment by Ismu Surizan
2008-05-29 08:55:27

you need to boot your computer using bootable cd. the above steps can help you.

Comment by bobby
2008-05-29 08:58:38

ive tried keep getting same mssg

Comment by cesar
2009-08-25 03:43:43

esto nadie lo sabe solo necesitas : abrir menu de inicio ejecutar y enseguida teclear regedit poener aceptar cuando se abra en la izquierda dicen unas cosas y le das doble click en donde dice HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE y despues solo eliminas SECURITY cierras todo lo que tengas abierto reinicias tu computadora y listo

Comment by Kaulu Chaka
2008-07-22 05:48:44

I have “NTLDR is Missing” problem when I replaced my CD drive with a new one. The computer boots if I disconnect it. Ihave thrown away the old non-working CD drive. All your help cannnot work as the drive can not be accessed. Please Help!!!

Comment by Lavinia
2008-09-10 18:42:30

I saw the BartPe but I can’t understand what I need! I’m sorry I’m a girl lost in Sao Tome’ and I cancelled boot.ini for error! please help me!

Comment by Bobbafet
2008-11-16 05:30:44

You rule, man. I’ve tried several methods, but only yours’ solved my problem. Thanks!

Comment by CAlllinnel
2008-12-09 05:47:57

thank you very much, you are the best!

Comment by NatureGlass
2009-01-23 01:26:21

Best and works!
Windows Repare Consol (with WinXP boot CD)
Press R
Copy from CD Drive \I386\ntldl & to C:\
Reboot & your are Done!

Comment by littledevil452
2009-02-21 04:58:36

Whenever i try to copy boot.ini i get a message saying its unreadable or is currupt?? the other 2 files copied over fine its just the boot one that has the problem

Comment by Ismu Surizan
2009-02-21 23:02:28

try redownload the zip file. it could be the zip file you downloaded was corrupt. I just tried it on my pc and didn’t have any problem.

Comment by BomBerone666
2009-03-25 23:55:31

I dont know is this related in any way with this topic but I tried to dual boot windows vista and XP and i first get the “ntldr is missing” message but when i pastet files in to the XP root folder and restarted to get to XP it just restarts it self!

Comment by Dave
2009-04-07 20:46:06

I did this and not i need to modify my boot.ini file. any tips on how to match this back to my PC?

Comment by thirk
2009-04-15 00:23:04

thank you very much indeed! people like you who like to help are rare to find. please keep up the good work!

Comment by Lucas
2009-10-07 03:43:48

Thanks for the download! Solved my problem!!!

Lucas Amsterdam NL

Comment by didiey
2009-11-29 23:50:07

where can i download ntldr 4 free???tqqqqqqq

Comment by arei
2010-03-03 13:39:16

thanks bro..i will try at home

Comment by Dave
2010-08-17 23:28:47

Hi, thanks for the files – add my PC to the list of saved computers! I too could find these files for download anywhere!

Comment by smisra
2010-09-17 02:45:37

i tried resolving the NTLDR missing error n got stuck up at bootcfg /rebuild command i get an error sayin the system cannot find the file or directory specified…. my boot.ini file seems to be missing and i’m not able to repair using the bootcfg /rebuild command it doesn’t work even tried chkdsk it doesn’t show any error.. how do i create boot.ini manually using the xp cd?

Comment by arman
2010-11-28 10:30:01

sir, my cd is not working. Can I use a flash drive instead?

Comment by silvya
2011-02-02 20:19:57

hi surizan..
i have trouble with my pc about ‘chkdsk’ what is that mean..?
can u explain to me n how to repair it..?
thx before

Comment by Ben
2011-02-07 19:10:22

U need a nobel price for this 1.
thanks a million times

Comment by felix
2011-02-25 23:29:46

if i dont have a boot cd for xp .. can i fix this ntldr missing problem ?

Comment by emma
2011-03-07 17:08:07

i cant seem to extract the file. i have tried lots of times. i have an iso program ready to copy the file.
also how do i get the BARTPE file onto a cd to use in the broken pc?

Comment by lordjj
2011-07-30 07:33:50

I fucking love you man!
Big Thank You!

Comment by mario
2011-08-12 22:14:42

thanks man

Comment by jey
2012-02-08 12:24:33

thanks bro

Comment by vost
2012-02-26 20:44:13

you are gread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10000000000 thanks

Comment by Jashim
2012-05-03 13:00:00

I have faced just now with same kind of problem. After downloading and pasting these three files to c:/ drive, the pc is now ok.
thanks a lot brother.

Comment by KV
2012-08-21 17:27:49

Still not working… I have yet to see a software so idiot as pebuilder – it gave all sorts of error messages (I fix 2 by adding files, then there are 10… WTF). Finally it decides it’s all there and makes an image. Surprise… no boot.ini, no ntldr, nothing… WTF???


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